About the Artwork:

Christine Loeffler

After 25 years of dreaming about painting but not doing it , I knew I could no longer wait for life to give me the opportunity to pursue my art.

I paint botanical watercolor because it helps me appreciate God’s artistry in every bit of nature. I lose sense of time when mixing colors on the palette or using a 00 brush to capture a tiny stem of a leaf, or markings on the back of a butterfly. The work always humbles and re-centers me, and makes every morning a gift of new beginnings.

I create abstract art because it helps me appreciate my whole experience, not just what I see with my eyes, but also feelings that confirm my quest for wholehearted learning and continual growth, and the joy that family, friends and clients bring to my life.

My abstract paintings hold memories and present sense impressions. Most of my abstracts are derived from my imagination and obsession with color. 

When in the studio, I begin painting with somewhat of a plan, but soon I find the painting takes over… that it has a life of its own. I am no longer painting the painting. I am instead the vehicle holding the brush.

This is not surprising to me, as I see it as a metaphor for life. When we can focus on authentic, raw truth and allow our gifts and talents to take over, the universe conspires to craft amazing results.

For me painting is about trust and deep listening to myself and the canvas before me. It is a profoundly authentic experience.