Culture Change


At Sinclair Loeffler, our transformation work is about helping clients envision, clarify, plan, and implement a culture change process that includes exacting process standards and customized leadership training, to assure that your organization is differentiated by excellence.

Excellence begins from the inside out. When we partner with clients to launch a culture change program, we provide our clients ongoing  coaching for the lifespan of the project to support the client every step of the way.

We focus on developing effective processes, which gain not just “buy-in” from employees, but true commitment in turning vision into reality. Our expertise includes: large scale change, organizational behavior, conflict resolution, group facilitation, and executive coaching.

We have led distinctly different turnarounds with efforts resulting in financial success, as well as energized employees, loyal customers, and effective systems in place to sustain fast growth. Through this experience, we have learned the importance and skills for quickly establishing trust, learning in a changing work environment, and energizing employees toward a common goal.


For more information about our transformation process,   client case studies, and how we might customize a program for your organization, please email us or call us at (704) 609-6894.

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Christine Loeffler, Founder of Sinclair Loeffler Leadership Communications, is known for her engaging and forthright approach to leadership training and executive coaching. She empowers creative and constructive thinking for increased personal and business success.

Our mission is to help people gain more satisfaction and success in life and work helping them lead with credibility, heart and grit.

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