Executive Coaching with Christine Loeffler

Sinclair Loeffler helps leaders achieve successful change in behavior for themselves, their teams and their organizations. Since their launch in1995, SLC has been effective in increasing leadership success via innovative coaching in organizations small and large.

This unique leadership coaching process is a confidential, highly personal learning engagement designed to bring about effective action, clear accountability, and personal growth for the individual and better business results for the organization.

A company’s ability to respond positively and proactively to constant change is directly related to the quality of its leadership. Our objective would be to discover the norms, habits and values that have made the leader and/or culture strong. These pockets of excellence provide valuable information. There are often areas that are not functioning at the same level as the rest of the organization.

We seek to learn from them: “What is getting in their way? What is keeping them from being world class?”

Without exception, we find that in the process of collecting information about the organization, we gain leadership information. This information is powerful for bringing about change when delivered to the right person in the right way. The method we use is one that delivers the truth with compassion. We seek to answer the most important of leadership questions, “what do I need to do differently as a leader?”

When asked about Christine’s unique abilities as a leadership coach, consistent feedback includes her ability to:

  • Build trust and ask powerful questions
  • Process and deliver strategically and creatively
  • Demonstrates broad base of coaching & facilitation skills
  • Deep experience with many senior executives in multiple industries
  • Makes complex and confusing subjects simple and clear.

For more information about our Executive Coaching program options with Christine Loeffler,  please email us or call us at (704) 609-6894.

What our clients are saying:
“For many years Christine has been an invaluable thinking partner for me.”
David Pocock, former President, the Tanner Companies.


“Christine is very good at asking thoughtful questions, and of course, is a terrific listener. Her questions give me much to think about.”
Ann Hart, School Superintendent


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Christine Loeffler, Founder of Sinclair Loeffler Leadership Communications, is known for her engaging and forthright approach to leadership training and executive coaching. She empowers creative and constructive thinking for increased personal and business success.

Our mission is to help people gain more satisfaction and success in life and work helping them lead with credibility, heart and grit.

Learn more! Contact Christine at (704) 609-6894, or email her at csl@sinclairloeffler.com.

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