The [TLC] Leadership Challenge for K-12 Schools

According to the Wallace Foundation, “a particularly noteworthy finding, reinforced in a major study by researchers at the universities of Minnesota and Toronto, is that “there is an empirical link between school leadership and improved student achievement.”


With ever-growing expectations and mandates for K-12 schools to dramatically improve student achievement, teacher accountability, and overall school performance,  little is being done to address the wide-spread culture change needed to make this happen. Many schools continue to operate in a culture that sees principals as middle-managers who follow through on school system policy, and teachers who function as independent islands of learning.  Visionary leadership with shared goals and team accountability has not been a core competency in many schools.

Growth and progress will begin to happen when principals and teachers are committed to changing the way they see their roles, by developing new leadership and communication competencies. Leadership that reaches beyond overseeing buses, boilers and books, and wholehearted engagement with one another that grows deep trust will be required to begin the process of cultural change .

Most everyone has a a vested interest in improving schools, for themselves,  their  children,  their employees, or their communities. The frightening reality is that schools are buckling under the weight of assistance programs, local, state and federal mandates, and ever-changing curriculum programming.

What our clients are saying:
“You are an amazing asset to Griffith and I consider you one of us. You do a superb job of handling every situation and are always so right on point. I am thrilled you have been guiding us through the transitions happening at Griffith and helping us become TEAM GRIFFITH!”
Patti Kaluzne, Curriculum Coordinator, Griffith Elementary School

“Christine is very good at asking thoughtful questions, and of course, is a terrific listener. Her questions give me much to think about.”
Ann Hart, School Superintendent

“Your work is a blessing to Griffith and others. Thanks Christine!”
Debbie Hampton, Principal, Griffith Elementary

About the [TLC] Leadership Challenge for Schools

Sinclair Loeffler has developed a comprehensive, yet simple, school change model for K-12 school administrators and teachers called The Star Leadership Challenge [TLC for short]. The model is designed to provide a framework for culture change based on leadership, teamwork and communication best practices. It gives school administrators and their teachers a common language for leadership and communication success.

The model teaches these skills through one-on-one coaching,  team training and real-life project-based learning.  The program is divided into five core challenges:

  • Challenge #1:  Establish your Leadership
  • Challenge #2: Engage others with Heart
  • Challenge #3: Empower teams to Lead
  • Challenge #4: Execute with Action and Grit
  • Challenge #5: Excel by Modeling the Way

For more information about how we have implemented this model, and how is might impact your school or school system, please email us or call us at (704) 609-6894.


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