Leadership Training

Think of your leadership development a bit like bite-size consulting–with an innovative twist–focused on your actual challenges, and delivered through an experience designed to spark real action and change. We focus the experience on a particular capability you’re trying to build, and guide you with tools to address your specific needs, which you can continue to use once you’re back at the office.

We engage with individual clients to co-create a Leadership Training plan for their unique circumstances. Examples of the plan details include: Developing self-leadership and accountability to get more tangible and measurable results; Using a goal achievement system to plan and track progress; and Applying Emotional Intelligence to relate more effectively with self and others, Teamwork and Trust-building, Confronting Reality, Story-telling for Brand-building.

For more information about our Leadership Training program options,  please email us or call us at (704) 609-6894.

What our clients are saying:
“Thank you for your tremendous efforts with this conference. Your facilitation made the difference between a good conference and an outstanding one.” James Hatch, former Executive VP, Wells Fargo

“Thank you for leading thie session for the School of Commerce. We are fortunate to have your caliber and expertise, and your work has been critical to our school’s success.” Wes Sturgis, Chief Operating Officer, Bank of Commerce

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Christine Loeffler, Founder of Sinclair Loeffler Leadership Communications, is known for her engaging and forthright approach to leadership training and executive coaching. She empowers creative and constructive thinking for increased personal and business success.

Our mission is to help people gain more satisfaction and success in life and work helping them lead with credibility, heart and grit.

Learn more! Contact Christine at (704) 609-6894, or email her at csl@sinclairloeffler.com.

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