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 SLC-1Sinclair Loeffler develops collaborative leaders by challenging them to master three core practices: credibilityconnection, and accountability.

We are in the business of building organizational leadership from the inside-out. Becoming a credible leader or organization requires a careful balance of competence and character. Connection calls all individuals to increase their emotional intelligence to create more authentic and trusting relationships with themselves, others and teams. Our work on accountability creates shared commitment to big goals with with tenacity and grit.

Since 1995, Sinclair Loeffler has been helping leaders be more effective and satisfied in their work. Leading in today’s business environment is hard work. Driving cultural change is even harder. Our model for personal and organizational change makes the complex business of leadership more profound, more clear, and ultimately more satisfying in every path of life.

Making the complex clear…

Successful leaders are finally coming out from behind their traditional roles and are learning the language of collaboration and connection to foster accountability, tackle shared goals and produce deep change.

As the founder of Sinclair Loeffler Leadership Communications, Christine Loeffler has 20 years of multiple-industry experience in Leadership Training and Executive Coaching. Her facilitation style elicits deep connection that feels more like executive coaching  than traditional facilitation. Her workshops are beautifully presented and  jam-packed with motivating yet powerful strategies that bring about immediate growth and change. Participants learn and practice new skills in real time, in a fun and supportive environment. The results are profound and  immediately applicable.

Their roster of regional and national clients are spread across multiple industries,  including schools and school systems, finance and banking, city and county government, commercial real estate, direct-selling, retail, healthcare, insurance and technology. If you are interested in inviting Christine to discuss your leadership challenges along with opportunities to take your organization’s culture to a new level of growth and change, please contact her at (704) 609-6894, or email her at csl@sinclairloeffler.com.

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About our programs

TLC School Leadership

Sinclair Loeffler has developed a powerful new school transformation model for K-12 schools called The Star Leadership Challenge [TLC for short].

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Executive Coaching

SLC has been effective in increasing leadership success via innovative coaching in organizations small and large.

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Leadership Training

Our experiential training is unlike any other,  with real-life practices and tools to address your specific needs, and apply immediately in life and work.

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Leadership Communication

We partner with our clients to provide them with inside-out communication solutions, which include:

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Christine Loeffler, Founder of Sinclair Loeffler Leadership Communications, is known for her engaging and forthright approach to leadership training and executive coaching. She empowers creative and constructive thinking for increased personal and business success.

Our mission is to help people gain more satisfaction and success in life and work helping them lead with credibility, heart and grit.

Learn more! Contact Christine at (704) 609-6894, or email her at csl@sinclairloeffler.com.

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